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Samburu National Park


Samburu offers some rare species of animals that cannot be seen in some of the other game parksand reserves, which is probably why it’s one of Kenya’s most popular reserves for tourists after theMasai Mara. It’s famous for its beautiful but rare species of Gravy’s zebra and reticulated giraffe, Somali ostriches with their distinctive blue legs and the very cute gerenuk, which is a very clever antelope which cleverly balances on two legs in order to nibble acacia bushes. All these unusual animals are rarely seen in other areas and make this game reserve a special place to visit.

Location and landscape

Samburu is in the North of Kenya close to the Shaba and Buffalo Springs National Reserves. It’s much drier and hotter than some of the grassland areas in central Kenya and its part of a lava plain that includes rocky outcrops, steep hills and dried river beds. Through the centre of the reserve runs the Ewaso Ngiro River (also known as the Brown River) and so all along this valued source of water, is rich green forest, doum palms, acacia trees and tamarind trees which create the perfect home for wildlife.

This is a hot, arid region with acacia woodland reserves.


In this region you can see different varieties of rare and endangered animals not seen in other parks. The reticulated giraffe and Gravy’s zebra look very different from the regular giraffe and zebra seen in other games parks - we think their markings are more beautiful! We also love the long necked gerenuk which is an antelope which stands on two legs to eat from the tops of bushes which is fascinating to see. There are also many elephant, cheetah and leopard. Birdlife is plentiful with large flocks of guinea fowl and the pygmy falcon and sand grouse frequently seen. As well as these rare breeds of animals, Samburu also has a wide variety of other animals seen in other parks within Kenya. You have a good chance of seeing hippos, crocodiles, lion and leopard, as well as the other antelopes, birds and small mammals commonly found elsewhere.

Traditional Samburu homesteads are interesting to visit with these tall regal people dressed in colourful attire


Samburu Intrepids

Samburu Serena Safari Lodge

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